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Xellious Noon
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PostSubject: Artifacts   Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:57 pm

So Allen introduced me to Witchblade the other day, and at one point we thought that maybe...

[8:17:06 PM] Bookman: You know Allen
[8:17:15 PM] Allen: That was the thing about witchblade and the top cow comics
[8:17:27 PM] Allen: Everyone was so HUMAN that even if they were the worst pieces of shit you could love them
[8:17:32 PM] Bookman: What if we had an RP on EA where each member comes up with an artifact? And the artifacts embody the wills/forces of the universe?
[8:17:40 PM] Allen: That could be pretty rad
[8:17:45 PM] Bookman: I'm so excited
[8:17:48 PM] Allen: I can only imagine what Python would pick
[8:17:53 PM] Bookman: We need to ask EA folks about this
[8:18:06 PM] Bookman: I wonder what Python and OC would choose
[8:18:15 PM] Bookman: Even just 4 or 5 of us would be plenty
[8:18:41 PM] Bookman: ........ I wonder if, to that end, we should let our heroes encounter them, or make brand new characters who are the hosts/holders
[8:18:46 PM] Bookman: I think the latter works better because
[8:18:50 PM] Bookman: Then our heroes can battle them
[8:18:54 PM] Allen: I was thinking new characters, yeah
[8:18:55 PM] Bookman: And there's more action going on overall
[8:19:05 PM] Allen: I'm actually already considering onwe
[8:19:06 PM] Allen: one*
[8:19:07 PM] Allen: "Life"
[8:19:10 PM] Allen: Ala Gold Experience
[8:19:10 PM] Bookman: .... also Kevin. I wonder what Kevin would choose
[8:19:15 PM] Bookman: Life, hmm
[8:19:16 PM] Bookman: OvO
[8:19:40 PM] Allen: Give life to objects, grow new things, where his blood falls plants grow, etc
[8:20:13 PM] Bookman: Giving life to any objects in the environment makes for infinite summoning. Definitely powerful
[8:20:23 PM] Bookman: And he can regenerate any objects he would be using too
[8:20:26 PM] Bookman: Plus self-heal
[8:20:33 PM] Bookman: Life is a potent force like that. XD
[8:20:40 PM] Allen: hahaha
[8:21:50 PM] Allen: Darkness was honestly my first thought but I just "Shh no" 'd myself
[8:22:10 PM] Allen: The other power that comes to mind is Gravity
[8:22:21 PM] Allen: But there are numerous things
[8:22:44 PM] Allen: After all, the Magdalena's Longinus is a manmade object, even if incidentally by being bathed in Christ's blood
[8:22:49 PM] Allen: But it is still reasonably mighty
[8:22:52 PM] Bookman: Mhm
[8:23:17 PM] Bookman: And there's so much room when creating a human host that struggles with the corruption from the artifact
[8:23:23 PM] Bookman: How much humanity can they retain?
[8:23:25 PM] Allen: http://witchblade.wikia.com/wiki/Thirteen_artifacts
[8:23:46 PM] Allen: there'd also be the hosts that'd struggle with the artifact trying to take them over
[8:24:07 PM] Bookman: Yeah. Some are subtle, but others are forceful
[8:24:28 PM] Bookman: OvO We got to discuss this some when EA members gather round next
[8:24:42 PM] Bookman: ..... and I should go ahead and post a topic about it as well. Later. Maybe tomorrow

That's all we thought about for now. If you're not familiar what the Witchblade and 13 Artifacts are you might want to look that up first and get some ideas going.

Otherwise, if you already have an element/universal force in mind, claim it here. I haven't given mine thought yet but I will figure something out, hopefully soon.
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Page of Blood
Page of Blood


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PostSubject: Re: Artifacts   Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:33 pm

Allen ultimately settled on Gravity after I settled on Life. I'm curious to see what I'll be able to do with it. It's largely gonna be an ability based off of another character of mine set to exist elsewhere whose power could use some more fleshing out, and this seems like a good chance to do that.
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is awesome


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PostSubject: Re: Artifacts   Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:02 am

Well I'm not really familiar with the basis but I've been missing the RPs for a while now so I'd be happy to throw my hat in for any kind of involvement.

Debating on potential artifact bases, leaning toward something revolving around force and momentum, kinetic energy....

Or you know, could just go full Accelerator.
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Xellious Noon
Veteran Roleplayer


Posts : 24753
Age : 31
Location : Poland, being anti-average and spreading a high IQ aura around me
Permanent Name : Bookman
Custom Title : Mr. Peace = Oh Lord, lend me patience to stand the randomness....
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PostSubject: Re: Artifacts   Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:13 am

Those sound like fun. Good luck to you both.

I think I've decided I'll have my artifact be the Void, and when I say Void, I mean Boredom taken to the extreme. It'll therefore be defensively oriented and probably put the host under pressure, draining their emotions away. Though the details on it are still in flux.

I wonder, should I make an outline for this thing? Or is that unnecessary? I'm not even sure what to put on the outline if I started making one. Other than obvious things, but details on the host can just turn up during the RP/be a mystery for some time.
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Chatbox Kingu Python
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PostSubject: Re: Artifacts   Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:36 am

Oh, mine is Movement.

Just updating to confirm that. I have some cool ideas to dribble around the court with that.
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PostSubject: Re: Artifacts   

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