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 Define 'Hero'

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PostSubject: Define 'Hero'   Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:14 pm

Inspired by a recent chat I wanted to post a topic that probably fits the Debate Forum best, except it only matters to members that create original characters, so roleplayers (and also writers and artists).

In this topic I wanted to discuss, well, [u]heroes[u]. What makes characters heroes, what kind of heroes there are, why do people make (or become) heroes, what they think about heroes and themselves as heroes? How are they different or similar to other heroes and to people in general?

You can think of the answers with some abstract, ideal hero in mind, or use some famous hero (fictional or not) as an example, or analyze them using your own heroes. There are many different heroes but most possess some qualities in common that might help with the definition of a hero.

Speaking for myself... I needed a long time to find the words for what I felt was defining about the hero, and why certain characters of mine were heroes.

The working definition I settled on is "A hero fights to protect."

Or, if you read between the lines, then "A hero (is someone who) fights (in order) to protect (innocents/the defenseless/weaker people AND/OR peace/justice/ideals/etc.)." is the result. It's not perfect but this definition captures what I believe is essential about heroes. You're not exactly born a hero (like you can be born a human or a rabbit etc.), your actions make you one. And when you think about 'what would a hero do?', the first two things that come to mind are protecting innocents and fighting evil, two activities that are closely connected, two sides of one coin.

Now, as a roleplayer specifically, that's an OOC definition I use, so by this standard I have... two, three, at most four heroes among my (recent) characters. I used to have many more but then I discovered diversity in characterization. >.>





I don't think the RPs I've showed him in managed to show that side of Book too much, but he's not the model boy scout like Superman. It's another matter that with the lack of RPs I've been developing his background and history in isolation for awhile, but it's better than freezing his personality completely, I guess. I'd want to go into more detail about Book and the others, answer the remaining questions since there's still a couple, but...

Ehhh this post is long enough as it is. XD That's enough from me. What about you folks?
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Define 'Hero'
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