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 Survivors from a Simple World

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PostSubject: Survivors from a Simple World   Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:52 am

Updated: 07/19/12

This has been pasted from a Google Document, will polish a bit later. Will be seeking at least two co-writers to help me with plot and balancing. Give a shout out if you seem interested or if you want to help out.

- Rules will be kept a bit loose since it is supposed to be low leveled. I will type down the important rules later.

- I might need co-writers to help me to develop the story, control some native characters, and compile boss ideas.

Background Info:
This low-leveled RP is supposed to encourage the odds of the supernaturals by the characters' wits and strengths as they survive by finding a way back home. It discourages the use of magic and impossible acrobatics but the main focus is about survival and cooperation of the team. The RP will focus mostly on character development alongside the story and the battle choreography.

A group of normal humans enter an alternative alien world where danger lies everywhere. They must travel by land, by sea, and by air to find the dimensional gate to return home. Encountering many mutated warriors with logic-defying abilities which surpasses them in terms of power, the survivors must band together their strategies, their strengths, and their cooperation to return to their own dimension, or die trying.

Iím thinking more something like somewhere thatís kind of like a mimicry of a giant run-down city surrounded by a vast jungle. Mainly to get around through the world are airships. (Kind of like the ones in Final Fantasy 6 or something) Yearly, a tournament takes place in this central capital city where the greatest warriors gather to win the big prize.

Some Notes:

Character Sheets:


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Survivors from a Simple World
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